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The article by Robert Blackett on DNA testing has been updated in Blackett DNA testing. Nov 2020

The tree is being added to continually and we have now entered a total of more than 70,000 entries. (We're hoping the Covid-19 pandemic is over before we reach 100,000!) Oct 2020

A link to the descendants of William Blacket Richardson has been added to the penultimate paragraph of Blackett Richardsons in Can You Help Us? Sep 2020

We unfortunately suffered a temporary problem with our messages service in the last week in August. If you sent us a message via our Contact Us facility between 24 and 31 August 2020 it will not have reached us so please resend it. We apologise for any inconvenience. Sep 2020

Possible reasons for the author Arthur Ransome naming one of his characters in Swallows and Amazons "Nancy Blackett" have been added to A Blackett female pirate . Aug 2020 

Matfen Hall, which was one of the few major houses still in the ownership of the Blackett family has now been sold, as outlined on the Matfen Hall page. Aug 2020

The link to the British radio, tv and film comic actor "Professor" Stanley Unwin has been added to Blacketts of stage and screen (please see penultimate paragraph). Aug 2020

We have been contacted by a man in the Netherlands who for many years has tended the war grave of a US soldier killed while helping to liberate his country during WWII. He was Jack Benny Blackett (1926-1945) of Springville, Utah, USA, a Private 1st Class in the 117th Infantry 30 Division, who was awarded the Bronze Star. He would very much like to get in touch with any of his family to learn more about his life, so if you have any knowledge of Jack Benny Blackett please contact us. Jul 2020 

An additional link to two UK Prime Ministers, Sir Robert Walpole and Spencer Perceval, has been added to their entries in Blackett family connections to Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom. Jun 2020

James Blackett/Blacketer/Blackadder of Stirling, Scotland has been added to Can You Help Us? Jun 2020

We had hoped by now to have reinstated at least some of the hundreds of images that were lost when the site crashed late last year but the Covid-19 lockdown has delayed this. However the tree is being added to all the time and several hundred additional names and details have been uploaded since the beginning of the year. May 2020

The connection by marriage to the Hollywood actor George Sanders has been added to Blacketts of stage and screen. May 2020 

The rebuilding of the site after the power outage at our former server company is continuing and all articles, the family trees and most links are now working. We have still, however, to locate and upload several hundred images, which were also lost. This will take some time. Dec 2019

An additional image (courtesy of Geoff Blackett) has been added to Beamish Hall in Blackett Properties. Oct 2019

The formerly separate trees of Thomas Blackett and Margaret Carter of Houghton-le-Spring and George Blackett of Greatham have now been linked through a later marriage to the Main Blackett Tree and form part of it. However, as the earliest Blackett in each tree has yet to be linked to the Main Tree (or any other) each tree still has its own entry (as above) in Can You Help Us?. Oct 2019

The family link between the Blacketts and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson (which is a blood link and not merely by marriage) has been added to Blackett Family Connections to Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom Sep 2019

A number of descendants of Robert William Blackett attended the funeral yesterday (17 Sep) of Elizabeth Hannah (‘Nancy’) Hetherington, nee Blackett, who died on 30 Aug 2019, just a few weeks before what would have been her 100th birthday. Nancy was a remarkable and well-liked and respected member of the family. She was buried at Lord Byron’s Walk Cemetery, Seaham, Co. Durham. Sep 2019

Two cuttings from newspapers regarding the engineering firm of R. Blackett Charlton Ltd. have been added to A Piping Hot Blackett (with thanks to Charlie MacCallam for supplying them). Sep 2019

Ian Stubbs’s photo collection of Blackett memorials and other images connected to the Blacketts has been added to Links. Jun 2019