Martha Blackett and Henry Haigh of Yorkshire

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Martha Blackett is believed to have married Henry Haigh some time before 1711. The couple had at least six children baptized between 1711 and 1723 in the villages of Ovenden and Elland, near Halifax, Yorkshire and their son Rev. Joseph Haigh (1714-1795) named one of his sons William Blackett Haigh (1767-1846). The name was also given to several later descendants.

A baptism for Martha Blackett has not been discovered, though she is believed to have died at Rishworth, near Stainland, Yorkshire and been buried at St. Mary’s Church, Elland, Yorkshire on 18 April 1738. Henry also died at Stainland. The assumption that Martha’s maiden name was Blackett is, however, tenuous.

Branches of her descendants settled in Lancashire and some in Texas, USA.

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