Greatham Blacketts

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George Blackett (abt 1743-1830) married Margaret Young in 1789 at Greatham, a village between Billingham and Hartlepool in Co. Durham. Many of George’s descendants were still living in Greatham as recently as the end of the 19th century. It seems likely, however, that George’s eldest son, Robert (1790-1846) moved south into Yorkshire, where he married Sarah Johnson in Oswaldkirk in 1814. By the birth of their daughter Harriot in 1820 Robert and Sarah had moved north again to Wolviston, Co. Durham, about two miles from Greatham, and their son Johnson Blackett was born in Wolviston in 1823. By 1841 Robert, a cartwright, was living in nearby Middlesbrough, where he died, aged 56, in 1846.
(NB. Prior to November 2011 Robert and Sarah Johnson’s descendants were shown as a separate entry in Can You Help Us?)

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