What's in a name?

Submitted by alkirtley on Fri, 11/22/2019 - 10:55

In December 2010 Tyler Thomas Blackett Bennett was born in Newport Beach, California. He was the first of his direct line to bear a Christian name of Blackett since his 4xgreat-grandfather, William Blackett Wood, (1837-1906), who was himself a great-grandson of Isabel Blackett (1725-1770), a member of the Blackett family of Helmington Hall, County Durham (see The Blacketts of Helmington and Shull).

Tyler’s mother, Janette, a keen genealogist and researcher into Blackett family history, decided to add the name of Blackett in the knowledge that Tyler will have to explain the story of his name for the rest of his life! And so the Blackett tale lingers on…

(NB. This is the first instance we have encountered of the Blackett name being adopted as a direct result of genealogical research.)