A Blackett governor

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The Citadel, Plymouth
The Citadel, Plymouth

William Blackett, the grandson of Sir Edward Blackett, was Lieutenant Governor of the Citadel of Plymouth, Devon. In his Will, proved in 1782, he stated:

“I desire that my body may be kept as long as it may not be offensive, and that one or more of my toes and fingers may be cut off to secure the certainty of my being dead. I also make the further request to my dear wife, that as she has been troubled with an old fool, she will not think of marrying a second.”

William was in his fifties when he had married his wife, Henrietta Brownjohn, and she seems to have taken his advice, at least in part, as her next husband, Major Arthur Molesworth, was about ten years younger than William.

William Blackett may have been the father, through a previous marriage, of Captain William Blackett, commanding officer of the Virginia detachment of the 14th Regiment of Foot (see A Blackett "State funeral").