Michael Blackett of Hamsterley

Submitted by alkirtley on Thu, 11/21/2019 - 13:22

Michael Blackett was buried in Hamsterley, Co. Durham on 12 Sep 1724. He was a lawyer and seems to have been married five times. Administration to his estate was granted to his widow, Elizabeth “of Southside Parish of Hamsterley” in 1724. He is probably the Michael Blackett who appears in the Hearth Tax Rolls in 1666 and in the Halmote Court Surrenders (mainly of copyholds in Cockerton and Evenwood) 1669-1709 and in Licences to demise, mainly covering Darlington, Newbottle and Wolsingham 1677-1706, and possibly one covering Lynesack and Softley dated 1718, though this may relate to his son Michael, who was also a lawyer.

Although the tree covering the line of descent from Michael can be linked to the main Blackett tree through a marriage of a descendant, no baptismal record has been found for him, and his relationship to the other Blacketts living in and around Hamsterley at the time has not been established. For a descendancy chart of Michael Blackett please click here.