Blacketts of Hampshire and Kent

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In 1808 John Blackett married Ann Elliott in Portsea, Hampshire and at least three of their children were born in Portsea or neighbouring Portsmouth. Ann died in 1813 giving birth to their youngest son, John Elliott Blackett, and John senior then moved to Deptford, Kent, where he married Ann Wallis in 1817. John and Ann Wallis had at least 3 children born in Lewisham, Kent. There may have been connections with Co. Durham, however, as in 1839 John Elliott Blackett married Grace Scouler, who was born in Sunderland 1818/19, in the Stockton district of Co. Durham.

There is strong circumstantial evidence to suggest that John Blackett was a younger son of William Blackett who married Ann Brooker in Alverstoke, just outside Portsmouth, in 1776. William and Ann subsequently moved a few miles north-west to Fareham, Hampshire where their son William was born in 1776/7, followed by Thomas in 1781/82, though Thomas was not christened until 1792. William, who became a mariner, settled in Woolwich, Kent, about 4 miles east of Deptford around 1813. Thomas became a baker and also moved to Woolwich around 1814 and both brothers had children born in Woolwich.

For a descendancy chart of William Blackett and Ann Brooker please click here.

It is also possible that John or William originated from Deptford, Kent, like Portsea a town with maritime connections. Blacketts were certainly living in Deptford from the early 18th century, where John Blackett is believed to have had at least seven children born, one of whom, William, became a mariner. No definite connection has however been found. For a descendancy chart of John Blackett of Deptford please click here.

Given the maritime connections of Portsmouth, Portsea and Deptford it is quite possible that some or all these branches stem from Blacketts elsewhere in England who became seafarers.