Sedgefield Blacketts

Submitted by alkirtley on Thu, 11/21/2019 - 12:06

On 8 Dec 1737 John Blackett married Ann Storey at Sedgefield, Co. Durham. Branches of this family continued to live in Sedgefield for several generations. John appears to have been one of at least seven children, most of whom married in Sedgefield (or in one case at Durham Cathedral who was stated to be of Sedgefield parish) between 1733 and 1741, who were children of Thomas Blackett and Jane. A marriage for Thomas and Jane in Sedgefield has not been found, and they may be a family who moved from elsewhere.

This tree can be connected with the “main” Blackett tree through the 1929 marriage of Norman Blackett to Alma Hetherington, the granddaughter of Alice Blackett, and is therefore contained within the main Blackett tree. For a descendancy chart of Thomas Blackett and Jane please click here.

Other Blacketts appear to have moved to Sedgefield from elsewhere. On 12 February 1760 Joseph Blackett married Ann Ainsley in Sedgefield. Both are stated to be of the parish but may have moved there from elsewhere. Pending the completion of further investigations Joseph is still shown as a child of John Blackett and Ann Storey but no baptism for him has been found and he may therefore have to be removed from this family.

And after their marriage in 1806 John Blackett (1779-1852) and Ann Smith (1777/8-1853) settled in Sedgefield. This John Blackett descends from the Blacketts of Houghton-le-Spring, Cox Green, Penshaw and Sunderland.