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Interactive tree of Harriet Canning

Edward Cecil Lascelles 18871935
Joan Eleanor Campbell Balfour 1939
Henry Ulick Lascelles 5th Earl of Harewood 18461929
Lady Florence Katharine Bridgeman 1943
Sheila Margaret Warwick Bampfylde 19121996
Sir Dennis Frederic Bankes Stucley 19071983
Coplestone John de Grey Warwick Bampfylde 19141936
Cynthia Rachael Lascelles 18851961
George Wentworth Warwick Bampfylde 4th Baron Poltimore 18821965
Gerald William Lascelles 18491928
Constance Augusta Mary FitzClarence Phillipson 1934
Lady Elizabeth Joanna de Burgh 18261854
Henry Thynne Lascelles 4th Earl of Harewood 18241892
Sheila Margaret Warwick Bampfylde 19121996
Sir Dennis Frederic Bankes Stucley 19071983
Coplestone John de Grey Warwick Bampfylde 19141936
George Wentworth Warwick Bampfylde 4th Baron Poltimore 18821965
Cynthia Rachael Lascelles 18851961
Arthur Blackett Warwick Bampfylde 5th Baron Poltimore 18831967
Catherine Frances Graham Fraser 1938
Mabel Violet Blanche Montgomery 1957
Lady Mary Florence Violet Margaret Onslow 1970
George Garside
William Arthur Bampfylde Onslow 6th Earl of Onslow 19131971
Pamela Louisa Eleanor Dillon 19151992
Violet Marcia Catherine Warwick Bampfylde C.B.E. 18851954
Richard William Alan Onslow 5th Earl of Onslow 18761945
Anthony Gerard Hugh Bampfylde 19201969
Brita Yvonne Cederstrom
David Cecil Warwick Bampfylde 19242013
Jean Margaret Campbell
Hugh de Burgh Warwick Bampfylde 6th Baron Poltimore 18881978
Margaret Mary de la Pasture 18841981
Margaret Harriet Beaumont 18561931
Coplestone Richard George Warwick Bampfylde 3rd Baron Poltimore 18591918
Violet Augusta Beaumont 18581862
John Raphael Wentworth Savile 7th Earl of Mexborough of Lifford 19061980
Josephine Bertha Emily Fletcher 1992
Lady Agnes Marjorie Alice Savile 19071987
Thomas More Eyston 19021940
Lady Beatrice Anne Savile 19101973
Ralph Henry Scrope 19051981
Lady Mary Elspeth Sylvia Savile 19141948
Andrew Ramon Daizell de Bertodano 1957
Lady Anne Sarah Alethea Marjorie Savile 19191991
Sir James Roualeyn Hovell-Thurlow-Cumming-Bruce 19122000
Margaret Eva de Burgh Knatchbull-Hugessen 1957
John Henry Savile 6th Earl of Lifford 18681945
Bettine Henrietta Knatchbull-Hugessen 1967
William Lewis Brownlow Lloyd 1947
Richard Edward Wentworth Knatchbull-Hugessen 18811883
Wyndham Wentworth Knatchbull-Hugessen 3rd Baron Brabourne of Brabourne 18851915
Amy Virginia Beaumont 18591949
Edward Knatchbull-Hugessen 2nd Baron Brabourne of Brabourne 18571909
Hubert Blackett Beaumont 18601860
Wentworth Hubert Charles Beaumont 3rd Viscount Allendale 19222002
Sarah Field Ismay
Ela Hilda Aline Beaumont 19252002
Charles James Ruthved Howard 12th Earl of Carlisle 19231994
Richard Blackett Beaumont 19262010
Lavinia Mary Keppel
Sir Edward Nicholas Canning Beaumont 19292011
Jane Caroline Falconer Wallace 2007
Matthew Henry Beaumont
Anne C. M. Hamilton
Belinda J. E. Cuthbert
George Andrew Beaumont 19381960
Wentworth Henry Canning Beaumont 2nd Viscount Allendale 18901956
Violet Lucy Emily Seely 18971979
Diana Margaret Fortescue 19191920
Hugh Peter Fortescue Viscount Ebrington 19201942
Lady Margaret Fortesque 19232013
Bernard Henry Richard van Cutsem 19161975
Lady Elizabeth Fortescue 19262010
William Lloyd John Baxendale 19191982
Margaret Helen Beaumont 18921958
Hugh William Fortescue 5th Earl Fortesque 18881958
Two daughters
Aline Mary de Burgh Beaumont 18951967
Geoffrey Richard Purcell Gilpin D.S.C. 1971
Diane Beaumont 18961897
John Ralph Beaumont 19271992
David C. Beaumont
Diana Beaumont
Ralph Edward Blackett Beaumont 19011977
Helena Mary Christine Wray 1962
Rachel Penelope Perowne 19381940
John Florian Canning Perowne 19422000
Elizabeth Mary Freeman
Agatha Violet Beaumont 19031994
Sir John Victor Thomas Woolrych Talt Perowne 18971951
Wentworth Canning Blackett Beaumont 1st Viscount Allendale 18601923
Lady Alexandrina Louise Maud Vane-Tempest 18631945
Edward de Grey Beaumont 18621940
Timothy Wentworth (Rev.) Beaumont , Baron Beaumont of Whitley 19282008
Mary Rose Wauchope
Michael Wentworth Beaumont 19031958
Faith Muriel Pease 19021935
Doreen Christian Davis-Goff 19052000
Hubert George Beaumont 18641922
Elisa Mercedes Grace 1917
Lady Margaret Anne de Burgh 18311888
Wentworth Blackett Beaumont 1st Baron Allendale 18291907
Harriet Canning 18041876
Sir Ulick John de Burgh 18021874
George Canning 17701827
Joan Scott