Seymour Blackett of Barbados and Cardiff

Ernest Augustus Blackett (see note)1886

Ernest Augustus Blackett (see note)
Given names
Ernest Augustus
Name suffix
(see note)
Birth January 24, 1886
Christening March 28, 1886 (Age 2 months)
Birth of a son
Seymour Blackett
April 15, 1901 (Age 15 years)
Death of a sonSeymour Blackett
April 24, 1940 (Age 54 years)

Only name of mother, Rebecca Blackett, shown in baptismal record. Care! This is the only Ernest Blackett so far discovered in Barbados around this time. It would, however, mean that he was aged only 15 at the birth of his son, Seymour Blackett, unless of course Seymour's age and date of birth are incorrect.