Main Blackett Tree

Duncan (Donnchadh) AngusAge: 37 years11701207

Duncan (Donnchadh) Angus
Given names
Duncan (Donnchadh)
Birth about 1170 16 18
Death of a maternal grandmotherAda de Warenne
1178 (Age 8 years)

Death of a paternal grandfatherGillbride (Gilbrede or Gille Brigte) Angus
about 1180 (Age 10 years)

Death of a fatherGilchrist (Gille Crist) Angus
1206 (Age 36 years)
Birth of a son
Malcolm (Mael Coluim) Earl of Angus
before 1207 (Age 37 years)

Death 1207 (Age 37 years)


(Pre-Norman) Earl 1206-1214. Sources: (a) Electricscotland from Dugdale's Baronage (b) Scottish Nobility (c) Wikipedia .