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Edward BlackettAge: 59 years16741733

Edward Blackett
Given names
Birth before January 26, 1674 61
Christening January 26, 1674
Death of a fatherChristopher Blackett
1675 (Age 11 months)
Death of a motherJane Blackett
after December 13, 1677 (Age 3 years)
Death of a brotherChristopher Blackett
April 1680 (Age 6 years)
Burial of a brotherChristopher Blackett
April 24, 1680 (Age 6 years)
Death of a half-sisterIsabel Blackett
September 1687 (Age 13 years)

Death of a half-brotherWilliam Blackett
December 26, 1695 (Age 21 years)
Burial of a half-brotherWilliam Blackett
December 27, 1695 (Age 21 years)
Death of a half-brotherJohn Blackett
September 1707 (Age 33 years)

Burial of a half-brotherJohn Blackett
September 16, 1707 (Age 33 years)
Death April 1733 (Age 59 years)
Burial May 2, 1733 (31 days after death)
Family with parents - View this family
Marriage: after April 5, 1664County Durham
17 months
elder brother
Christopher Blackett
Birth: before August 24, 1665 52Hamsterley, Co. Durham
Death: April 1680Bedburn Hall, Hamsterley, Co. Durham
22 months
elder sister
22 months
elder sister
22 months
elder sister
19 months
elder sister
16 months
Edward Blackett
Birth: before January 26, 1674 61Hamsterley, Co. Durham
Death: April 1733New Hall, Hamsterley, Co. Durham
Father’s family with Alice Fenwick - View this family
Marriage: 1631
2 years
17 months
Edward Blackett
Birth: before June 17, 1638 25 29Hamsterley, Co. Durham
Death: April 1658At sea
3 years
5 years


Mentioned in his mother's Will 13 Dec 1677. Mortgaged 6 messuages and a cottage at Horton Grange for £50 18 Aug 1701. In Dec 1703 he leased and mortgaged for £300 Horton Grange, and executed a bond for £600 as security for the performance of his obligations. On 1 Apr 1710 he mortgaged Horton Grange for a further £300 and executed a further £600 bond. On 1 Apr 1713 he increased the mortgage by £400 to £1,000. On 2 Apr 1715 he executed a further mortgage of £1,000 plus £500 still owing from the previous mortgage, and executed a bond for £3,000. On 18 Nov 1718 he sold Horton Grange for £3,700, having agreed to compensate various other Blacketts for sums owed to them. On 18 Feb 1735/6 his sister Alice and half-sister Isabella received £50 each from him out of the proceeds of sale, and his great-nephew William received a similar sum on 26 May 1736. Godfather to Ann, daughter of Christopher Blackett 1705 ("Mr. Edward Blackett of Bedburn Hall"). Described as "of Bedburn Hall" in indenture dated 24 Aug 1705 re free use of road from Brenkley to Horton Grange, and as "of Bedburn" in indenture re bond dated 9 Apr 1710. Supported the Hanoverian government during the Jacobite Rebellion of 1715.