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Edward Blackett1628

Edward Blackett
Given names
Birth of a sisterElizabeth Blackett
before 21 October 1563
Christening of a sisterElizabeth Blackett
21 October 1563
Birth of a brotherGeorge Blackett
before 3 August 1565
Christening of a brotherGeorge Blackett
3 August 1565
Death of a paternal grandfatherNicholas Blackett
after 22 July 1568
Death of a brotherThomas Blackett
February 1581
Burial of a brotherThomas Blackett
11 February 1581
MarriageJane KirkhouseView this family
1 July 1582
Birth of a daughter
Margaret Blackett

Birth of a daughter
Jane Blackett

Birth of a sisterJanet Blackett
before 11 August 1583
Christening of a sisterJanet Blackett
11 August 1583
Birth of a siblingUnknown Child Blackett
before 10 February 1584
Christening of a siblingUnknown Child Blackett
10 February 1584
Birth of a son
William Blackett
before 27 November 1587
Christening of a sonWilliam Blackett
27 November 1587
Death of a fatherRichard Blackett
January 1588

Burial of a fatherRichard Blackett
12 January 1588
Death of a brotherJohn Blackett
December 1592
Burial of a brotherJohn Blackett
9 December 1592
Death of a brotherHenry Blackett
May 1597

Burial of a brotherHenry Blackett
17 May 1597
Death of a wifeJane Kirkhouse
before 1602

MarriageAnne (Agnes Lylborne) LilburneView this family
about 1602
Birth of a son
Richard Blackett
before 25 September 1603
Christening of a sonRichard Blackett
25 September 1603
Death of a sonRichard Blackett
January 1604
Burial of a sonRichard Blackett
9 January 1604
Birth of a daughter
Eleanor Blackett
before 16 December 1604
Christening of a daughterEleanor Blackett
16 December 1604
Birth of a son
Henry Blackett
before 23 November 1606
Christening of a sonHenry Blackett
23 November 1606
Marriage of a childPeter MaddisonMargaret BlackettView this family
5 February 1608
Birth of a son
John Blackett
before 12 December 1608
Christening of a sonJohn Blackett
12 December 1608
Birth of a son
George Blackett
before 2 September 1610
Christening of a sonGeorge Blackett
2 September 1610
Marriage of a childWilliam BlackettIsabella CrookView this family
before 25 August 1611

Birth of a daughter
Mary Blackett
before 20 June 1619
Christening of a daughterMary Blackett
20 June 1619
Death of a daughterMary Blackett
September 1619
Burial of a daughterMary Blackett
11 September 1619
Death of a daughterMargaret Blackett
before 1627

Death of a brotherGeorge Blackett
January 1627

Burial of a brotherGeorge Blackett
20 January 1627
Marriage of a childRichard WoodJane BlackettView this family
3 April 1627
Death May 1628
Burial 1 June 1628 (31 days after death)
Family with parents - View this family
21 months
6 months
Family with Jane Kirkhouse - View this family
Marriage: 1 July 1582St. James, Hamsterley By Bishop Auckland, Durham
5 years
-5 years
1 year
Family with Anne (Agnes Lylborne) Lilburne - View this family
Marriage: about 1602Auckland St. Andrew, Co. Durham
21 months
Richard Blackett
Birth: before 25 September 1603 25Shildon, Co. Durham
Death: January 1604Shildon, Co. Durham
15 months
23 months
2 years
21 months
9 years
Mary Blackett
Birth: before 20 June 1619 40Hamsterley, Co. Durham
Death: September 1619Hamsterley, Co. Durham

Owed sums to his mother (probably his step-mother) and father on death of Richard 1588/9. Of Bumley Rawe (Row) and Shildon. Purchased lands in Bumley Row from Lord Eure 13 Sep 1610. Entered into lease of Hoppyland with Sir William Eure 3 Sep 1618. By deed dated 8 Jul 1622-3 (sic) he settled his lands on himself and his wife Agnes, still surviving, for their lives and afterwards part thereof to his son Henry. The residue to his son John. Hamsterley, lands and tenements in Bumley Rawe. 9 Apr 1604 Edward Blackett was a witness at baptism of Edward, son of Guy Bainbridge of Shildon. Durham Quarter Sessions Rolls 10 Jan 1610. Edward Blackett late of Shildon, yeo. accused with Richard Lilborne, gen. of attacking on 9 Jan 1610 Henry Gibson, deputy to bailiff of Darlington ward in the execution of his office, to recover Lilborne's mare. Edward Blackett of Hillhouse, yeo., was a juror at Durham Quarter Sessions in 1617. Will dated 6 Nov 1627. Legacy of "foure score poundes" to daughter Eleanor Blackett, to William, eldest son, £20 and to his wife 20 shillings and every one of his 3 children 40 shillings, provided that William "doth rest himself contented with my sade gifte of twenty pounds without troubling of my said wife, which if he make any further trouble, then my gifte of twenty poundes to be voyd." £10 to son-in-law Peter Maddison in forgiveness of a debt of same to testator for so long as he remains unmarried and on remarriage the sum to be divided between his 6 children. Further gift to said 6 children of [?]. £100 to youngest son George on attaining 21plus a further £100 at 21 "to be made of the wood in the pasture". Inq. p.m. 11 Oct 1628 at Durham. William, aged 40 is his son & heir. His brothers-in-law Richard and George Lilburne are requested to oversee his will.