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Rowland TempestAge: 45 years14761521

Rowland Tempest
Given names
Birth about 1476 26 30
Birth of a brotherSir Thomas Tempest
about 1476

Birth of a brotherNicholas Tempest
about 1484 (Age 8 years)

Birth of a daughter
Alice (Alyson) Tempest
about 1500 (Age 24 years)

Death of a fatherRobert Tempest
1503 (Age 27 years)
MarriageAnne RadcliffeView this family
1506 (Age 30 years)

Death of a wifeAnne Radcliffe
after December 28, 1516 (Age 40 years)

Death 1521 (Age 45 years)
Family with parents - View this family
Marriage: about 1475Lambton, Co. Durham
2 years
1 year
twin brother
9 years
younger brother
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Family with Anne Radcliffe - View this family
Marriage: 1506
Rowland Place + Anne Radcliffe - View this family
wife’s husband


Shown as "1st sonne" in pedigree of Tempest of Stella for herald's visitation 1575. Sources: (a) Burke's Commoners (b) Burke's Landed Gentry (c) Bulmer Family of York website (d) Blackett Ord tree. Eldest son & heir. Some sources (including Surtees) show him marrying Margaret Swinburne, daughter of William Swinburne c.1495. Other sources however show Nicholas Tempest as marrying Margaret Swinburne. We follow an article by E. Blanche Tempest in The Northern Gelealogist 1895 citing references to Roland marrying Anne Radcliffe. On 17 Dec 1506 Roland Tempest of Holmesette[sic], Esq., (the eldest son and heir), covenanted with Sir Edward Radcliffe, of Cartington, to marry the said Sir Edward's daughter Anne, and was to receive on the wedding day £100. In 1510, the marriage having taken place, Roland sued Sir Edward for the money. [De Banco Roll, 2 Hen VIII., m. 627.] Received pardon from the bishop in 1503 on his father's death for entering into his father's lands without proof of age. On 27 Dec 1516 he executed a Deed of Entail whereby his estates of Holmeside and Whitley were, in default of male heirs, settled upon his younger brothers and their heirs male in order. On 28 Dec 1516 Roland Tempest "of Holmsett" conveyed his manor of Thornton-in-the-Street for the use of Anne Tempest, "my mother", for her life. Also his lands &c. in Green Shipley, East and West Shipley, Denton, and Hunwick, co. Durham, and Estwyk, co. Northumberland, which were for the use of "Anne, my wife", in full recompense of her dower, "iff she so liste to accept it." [Meynell Studley Deeds, Nos. 46 & 46a.] Described 1 Jul 1523 as deceased (Dur: Cur: Rec [Ruthall], Ro. 70, m.35, No. 106). Will dated 21 Sep 1521. Sheriff of Durham 1509-1513.


Marriage sett: signed 10 Dec 1506 Common Ro., Michaelmas, 2 Henry VIII, m.627. Sealed 17 Dec 1506. Anne, wife of Roland Tempest was given letters of fraternity by the Prior and Convent of Durham 6 March 1508-9 (Surtees Soc: vol. 31, p.116). See note in entry for Sir Rowland Tempest. The Northern Genealogist 1895 shows Ro[w]land Tempest covenanting on 17 Dec 1506 to marry Anne Radcliffe and states that in 1510, the marriage having taken place, Roland sued Anne's father, Sir Edward Radcliffe, for the money promised on the marriage.