John Blackett and Ann Middleton of Durham City

William BlackettAge: 6 years18221828

William Blackett
Given names
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Marriage: January 19, 1817St. Margaret, Durham, Co. Durham
2 years
elder brother
John Middleton Blackett
Birth: February 6, 1819 32 24Durham, Co. Durham
Death: September 1832Sadler Street, Durham, Co. Durham
16 months
elder sister
Teresa Blackett
Birth: May 31, 1820 33 25Durham, Co. Durham
Death: November 1830Saddler Street, Durham City, Co. Durham
22 months
William Blackett
Birth: March 18, 1822 35 27Durham, Co. Durham
Death: May 1828Saddler Street, Durham City, Co. Durham
13 months
younger sister
22 months
younger sister
20 months
younger sister
23 months
younger sister
Margaret Blackett
Birth: September 19, 1828 41 33St. Nicholas, Durham, Co. Durham
Death: 1895Durham, Co. Durham
2 years
younger brother
Joseph Blackett
Birth: October 10, 1830 43 35Durham, Co. Durham
Death: January 1833Sadler Street, Durham, Co. Durham
2 years
younger brother
2 years
younger sister
Elizabeth Blackett
Birth: February 23, 1835 48 40Crossgate, Durham, Co. Durham
Death: 1885Durham, Co. Durham