Alexander Blackett of Scotland and Monkwearmouth

Alexander BlackettAge: 10 months18001801

Alexander Blackett
Given names
Birth November 5, 1800 34 32
Christening November 16, 1800 (Age 11 days)
Birth of a brotherWilliam Blackett
Death September 29, 1801 (Age 10 months)
Burial October 1, 1801 (2 days after death)
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Marriage: February 9, 1794St. Peter, Monkwearmouth, Co. Durham
16 months
elder brother
George Blackett
Birth: June 19, 1795 29 27Monkwearmouth Shore, Co. Durham
Death: December 1877Union Workhouse, Sunderland, Co. Durham
18 months
elder brother
James Blackett
Birth: December 13, 1796 30 28Monkwearmouth, Co. Durham
Death: December 1853Church Street, Monkwearmouth, Co. Durham
2 years
elder brother
Watson Blackett
Birth: March 8, 1799 33 31Monkwearmouth Shore, Co. Durham
Death: January 1873Union Workhouse, Sunderland, Co. Durham
20 months
Alexander Blackett
Birth: November 5, 1800 34 32Monkwearmouth, Co. Durham
Death: September 29, 1801Monkwearmouth Shore, Co. Durham
2 months
3 years
younger sister
Elizabeth Blackett
Birth: August 2, 1802 36 34Monkwearmouth, Co. Durham
Death: April 22, 1803Monkwearmouth Shore, Co. Durham
3 years
younger sister
Elizabeth Blackett
Birth: December 28, 1805 39 37Monkwearmouth, Co. Durham
Death: October 20, 1809Monkwearmouth Shore, Co. Durham
2 years
younger brother
Alexander Blackett
Birth: May 2, 1808 42 40Monkwearmouth, Co. Durham
Death: December 1881Union Workhouse, Bishopwearmouth, Co. Durham
Father’s family with Catherine Ashton - View this family
Marriage: December 6, 1830St. Mary, Gateshead, Co. Durham
Father’s family with Isabella - View this family
Marriage: May 21, 1832Holy Trinity, Sunderland, Co. Durham


Son of Alexander Blacket (marrener[sic], native of Kennel, Angus shire) & Ann Watson (native of Monkwearmouth)". At burial of Shore, age 1, son of Alexander Blackett (seaman) by his wife Ann formerly Watson.