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John BlackettAge: 74 years17571831

John Blackett
Given names
Birth February 6, 1757 32
Christening February 20, 1757 (Age 14 days)
MarriageSarah StanleyView this family
November 30, 1782 (Age 25 years)
Birth of a daughter
Sarah Blackett
April 23, 1784 (Age 27 years)
Christening of a daughterSarah Blackett
June 23, 1784 (Age 27 years)
Birth of a son
John Blackett
July 14, 1785 (Age 28 years)
Christening of a sonJohn Blackett
March 15, 1786 (Age 29 years)
Marriage of a childRichard PercivalSarah BlackettView this family
October 21, 1809 (Age 52 years)
Marriage of a childJohn BlackettSophia WilsonView this family
December 9, 1811 (Age 54 years)
Death of a wifeSarah Stanley
February 1818 (Age 60 years)
Burial of a wifeSarah Stanley
February 10, 1818 (Age 61 years)
Marriage of a childJohn BlackettMartha AllnuttView this family
May 2, 1821 (Age 64 years)
Death of a daughterSarah Blackett
August 1821 (Age 64 years)
Burial of a daughterSarah Blackett
August 30, 1821 (Age 64 years)
MarriageEleanor MacordView this family
April 8, 1824 (Age 67 years)
Death July 23, 1831 (Age 74 years)
Burial July 30, 1831 (7 days after death)
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Family with Sarah Stanley - View this family
Marriage: November 30, 1782St. John, Wapping, London, Middx.
17 months
Sarah Blackett
Birth: April 23, 1784 27 22Brig Street, London, Middx.
Death: August 1821Highbury Place, Islington, London
15 months
Family with Eleanor Macord - View this family
Marriage: April 8, 1824St. Michael, Cornhill, London
John (Allin) Allen + Eleanor Macord - View this family
wife’s husband


Son of John and Martha Blackett. Aged 73 at burial. Date of death shown in The Gentleman's Magazine and Historical Chronicle. Will dated 20 Apr 1824 appointed his (2nd) wife Eleanor Blackett of Mill Wall, Poplar, Alexander Anderson (in 1832 a debtor in Fleet Prison), John Allin of Mill Wall, Poplar & Charles Edward Searle executors. Probate granted to 1st three exors. 28 Jan 1832, Charles Edward Searle having renounced probate. In Dec 1832 his daughter-in-law Martha Blackett sued the executors for the payment of an 1820 debt of £3,663 owed to her late husband by his father, with whom he was in partnership as a shipwright, ship's chandlers and sail-making business, cash having been raised from the sale for £5,500 of a ship called the Grenada (see below), part owned and managed by him, a one-eighth share of which was owned by his son, who never received his share of the profits from its voyages. John and his son were also partners in the ship Levene, as owners or ships' husbands (agents whilst it was in port). In 1824 his son also paid off a debt of £434/14/- (half of the total owing) which his father owed to William Dixon. Martha also claimed that for several months after the death of John senior, Eleanor and her co-executors resided in his house, using his household effects and wine, instead of converting them into cash to settle his debts, which exceeded his considerable personal estate. One of the executors, Alexander Anderson, had used some of the estate to repay an unsecured debt due to him (Anderson). Eleanor and her co-defendants swore their answer 4 April 1833. They deny all knowledge of any bond for debts owing by John to his son and have found an entry in his books showing that at 1 Jan 1828 John the younger owed his father £4,090/1/8. They claim that by his Will John senior left his household furniture,plate, linen, china, pictures and wines to his wife Eleanor for as long as she should live with her daughter Harriet Allin (now the wife of the defendant Alexander Anderson) and on them ceasing to do so or on Harriet's marriage then to be divided equally between them. John senior also made a codicil dated 11 Jun 1829 appointing the defendants and Charles Edward Searle his executors and trustees. John senior's debts exceed the value of his personal estate. Alexander Anderson and John Allin were in partnership as shipwrights with John senior until a few months of his death and were living with him and Eleanor in his dwellinghouse before his death. The shipwrights business at Mill Wall also used some extensive adjoining leasehold premises belonging to John. John had spent more than £20,000 on the premises forming a dock or basin and erecting buildings. After John's death they were put up for auction, but without success. Anderson claims to be owed £1,900 by John senior as payment for being master and commander of various merchant ships owned by John, [he is known to have sailed the Grenada at least once as a convict transport to New South Wales in 1825 - see also notes on his entry in family tree] but he has not used any of John's estate in discharging his own debts. Anderson went to prison for a debt that was actually John Blackett's, being the cost of canvas for sails for the ship Alexander that John had built at his dock and of which he was sole owner. He paid off the debt to prevent John being arrested shortly before his death. He also incurred on behalf of John a debt for chain cable etc. for the Alexander. The Alexander was sold by the mortgagees of it and realised only £5,500 despite being nearly new and having made only one passage to India. John had claimed it had cost £15,000 to build. After John's account with the mortgagees had been settled, (after a dispute which went to court) there was a balance of £2,350 due to his estate. They believe there is a further mortgage which had been taken out by John senior which is outstanding.

In the list of John senior's assets is an insurance claim for £2,000 for the ship Grenada which "was condemned" at the Isle of France in 1827. In 1819, 1821, 1825 & 1827 the Grenada is reported as sailing (probably to Australia) as a convict transport ship, owned by John Blackett (one reference states "of Hull", though this may refer to where the ship was registered). The Blacketts were also the owners of the Phoenix, that sailed under charter in 1819/20 to Bengal and Madras and in 1822 to Australia as a convict transport.

[NB. A plate of an oil painting by Thomas Whitcombe of Blackett's Wharf, Limehouse Reach in 1811 is included in Survey of London: volumes 43 and 44: Poplar, Blackwall and Isle of Dogs. (1994) and a view of Blacketts (Glengall) dry dock is included in the East London postcard gallery. The dock was built c. 1810 by John Blackett and was much enlarged in the 1850s.]

A partnership of J. and J. Blackett, and R. Douglas, of Wapping, ship-chandlers, was dissolved. (London Gazette 25 Nov 1812).


John Blackett, bachelor and Sarah Stanley, spinster, both "of this parish" by licence. Witnesses Wm. Stanley, John Dixon.


John Blackett of this parish, widower. Eleanor Macord, spinster of the parish of All Saints, Poplar. By licence. Witnesses C. E. Searle [later one of John's appointed executors], R. N. (?) Clarke, parish clerk.