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John Henry KavanaghAge: 49 years18581907

John Henry Kavanagh
Given names
John Henry
Birth before June 20, 1858 35 32
Christening June 20, 1858
Birth of a brotherBernard (Cavanagh) Kavanagh
before September 5, 1860 (Age 2 years)
Christening of a brotherBernard (Cavanagh) Kavanagh
September 5, 1860 (Age 2 years)
Death of a brotherBernard (Cavanagh) Kavanagh
March 23, 1861 (Age 2 years)
Birth of a sisterJulia Annie (Juliana) Mary Kavanagh
July 17, 1862 (Age 4 years)
Christening of a sisterJulia Annie (Juliana) Mary Kavanagh
July 17, 1862 (Age 4 years)
Birth of a sisterMary Jane Kavanagh
April 2, 1864 (Age 5 years)
Christening of a sisterMary Jane Kavanagh
April 5, 1864 (Age 5 years)
Birth of a brotherJoseph (Cavana) Kavanagh
March 4, 1867 (Age 8 years)
Christening of a brotherJoseph (Cavana) Kavanagh
March 14, 1867 (Age 8 years)
Death of a sisterMary Jane Kavanagh
April 24, 1870 (Age 11 years)
Burial of a sisterMary Jane Kavanagh
May 25, 1870 (Age 11 years)
Death of a motherEliza Scott
December 24, 1891 (Age 33 years)
MarriageEllen Christina McCree (Nellie Ward) DavisonView this family
March 4, 1898 (Age 39 years)
Birth of a son
John Ward Kavanagh
January 18, 1899 (Age 40 years)
Birth of a daughter
Ellen (Nelly) Kavanagh
1903 (Age 44 years)
Death November 1, 1907 (Age 49 years)
Burial November 4, 1907 (3 days after death)

Family with parents - View this family
Marriage: September 22, 1844St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church, Donegall Street, Shankill, Belfast
10 months
elder sister
3 years
elder brother
4 years
elder brother
20 months
elder sister
2 years
elder sister
2 years
2 years
younger brother
Bernard (Cavanagh) Kavanagh
Birth: before September 5, 1860 37 34Belfast, Ireland
Death: March 23, 18615 Cromac Street, Belfast, Antrim, Ireland
22 months
younger sister
21 months
younger sister
Mary Jane Kavanagh
Birth: April 2, 1864 41 38Cromac Street, Belfast, Antrim, Ireland
Death: April 24, 18709 Bruslee Steet., Belfast, Antrim, Ireland
3 years
younger brother
Family with Mary - View this family
Family with Ellen Christina McCree (Nellie Ward) Davison - View this family
Marriage: March 4, 1898Birmingham Register Office
11 months
5 years
Ellen (Nelly) Kavanagh
Birth: 1903 44 45Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Nthmd.
Death: 1920Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Nthmd.
John Dickinson + Ellen Christina McCree (Nellie Ward) Davison - View this family
wife’s husband
Marriage: May 20, 1882All Saints Parish Church, Newcastle-upon-Tyne
7 months


Baptised as John. Son of John Kavanagh & Elizabeth Scott. Sponsor Mary Stewart. Vocalist and music hall comedian, usually billed as "J. H. Kavanagh." The Era (theatrical paper) 13 Apr 1873 Britannia Music Hall, Glasgow: "...Mr. John Kavanagh, Irish comedian, also a new comer on Monday, was successful in gratifying the risible propensities of the audience;......" Dundee Courier 10 May 1873 "Dundee Music Hall and Opera House....Last Night of Master John Kavanagh..." The Era 24 Aug 1873: Prince's Music Hall, Carlisle "The new arrivals are..... and Master John Kavanagh (comic and solo instrumentalist), who have been very well received." Dundee Courier 12 May 1875 Dundee Music Hall - "...The characteristic songs of Mr. John Kavanagh are well rendered, and his instrumental performances are highly appreciated...." and Dundee Courier 15 May 1875 "Last night of Mr. John Kavanagh, Musical Comedian." The Era 15 Apr 1877 "Gems from the Oratorios by the Celebrated MOHAWK the AGRICULTURAL HALL [London] "The Company will appear on this occasion with white faces. The following solos:-......"Pro Peccatis"......will be sung by Messrs John Kavanagh...." Islington Gazette 20 Jun, 18 Jul & 22 Aug 1877 New Music [for sale] "The Loves of the Brave". Stirring patriotic song. ....Sung by Mr. John Kavanagh, of the Mohawk Minstrels, and rapturously encored nightly." Hull Packet 1 Feb 1878 ALHAMBRA PALACE AND THEATRE OF VARIETIES "....Last week of MISS ANNIE LAWRENCE, Characteristic Vocalist, Serio Comic, and Dancer. Last week of J. H. KAVANAGH, Comique and Milanese Piper...."

The Era 13 Jan 1878 "MARRIED, at Rotherham, John Kavanagh (comic vocalist) to Sarah Lawrence, professionally known as Annie Lawrence (serio-comic vocalist). "

The Era 20 Jan 1878 TO PROFESSIONALS. HULL-ALHAMBRA PALACE "On Monday, January 21st, 1878........J. D.[sic] Kavanagh, Miss Annie Lawrence,...." The Era 27 Jan 1878 TO PROFESSIONALS. HULL-ALHAMBRA PALACE "On Monday, January 28th, 1878.......J. H. Kavanagh, Miss Annie Lawrence,......."
Leeds Times 16 Feb 1878 VARIETIES (Stansfield's), BRIGGATE, LEEDS ".....Annie Lawrence,....Kavanagh,....."

The Era 29 Dec 1878 "BIRTH.- on the 16th inst., the wife of J. H. Kavanagh (see Miss Annie Lawrence), of twins, boy and girl."

London Standard 20 Jun 1879 MOHAWK MINSTRELS, Agricultural Hall - "ANOTHER GRAND IRISH NIGHT - ..... Recitation by Mr. John Kavanagh....." The Era 24 Aug 1879 "TO PROFESSIONALS....... BARROW-IN-FURNESS.-ROYAL ALHAMBRA.....Monday, August 25th, 1879.....J. H. Kavanagh, Miss Annie Lawrence." The Era 31 Aug 1879 BARROW-IN-FURNESS. ALHAMBRA "...Mr. J. H. Kavanagh (comic and Milanese piper) is a first-class artist, and is well received........Miss Annie Lawrence is here again this week, and has evidently become a favourite."
Liverpool Echo 18 Dec 1879 Wm. SIMPSON'S TEMPERANCE CONCERTS AT THE COLOSSEUM EVERY EVENING "...Mr. CAVANAGH, Original Milanese Minstrel, ANNIE LAWRENCE, [she was JHK's first wife], Ballad Vocalist ...."
Shields Daily Gazette 24 Dec 1880 CHRISTMAS ENTERTAINMENTS: THEATRE ROYAL, NORTH SHIELDS "The artistes are....Mr. J. H. Kavanagh,..... " Shields Daily Gazette 5 Dec 1881 SIDDALL'S GRAND THEATRE, MILL DAM, SOUTH SHIELDS "...J. H. KAVANAGH...." Bristol Mercury 15 May 1882 THE MOHAWK MINSTRELS AT COLSTON-HALL "This talented sable troupe, now on a first tour in the West of England, after a nine years' run at the Agricultural-hall, Islington, commenced a brief visit to Bristol last Saturday night.....Indeed, encores were so frequent and emphatic that, but for the exemplary firmness of that model interlocutor, Mr. John Kavanagh, midnight would have been broken into. Minstrelrsy, ranging from pathetic ballads to comic songs, constitutes the peculiar strength of an uncommonly strong company, from the junior, Master M. Kavanagh [NB. who is he?One of JHK's twins born 1878?]...... " Belfast News-Letter 15 Jul 1882: "First appearance [in Belfast?] of Mr. J. H. Kavanagh, Character Vocalist and Milanese Piper". (Royal Alhambra Theatre of Varieties.) Belfast News-Letter 19 & 22 July 1882: appearing at Royal Alhambra Theatre of Varieties, 41 North Street, Belfast "Mr. J. H. Kavanagh, the Milanese Piper". The Era 12 Aug 1882 "The Mohawk Minstrels have had a country tour for three months, and have now returned to their old quarters at the Agricultural Hall [London] with a new and excellent programme......and a national song, "Shoulder to shoulder," by Mr. John Kavanagh, were also loudly applauded..." 4 Dec 1882 Poster for Royal Victoria Coffee Hall, Waterloo Road S.E. "Long known as the Victoria Theatre." "To conclude the Night's Entertainment by a detachment of the MOHAWK MINSTRELS"......Mr. JOHN KAVANAGH. The eminent baritone....." Shields Daily Gazette 19 & 20 Dec 1882 "SIDDALL'S GRAND THEATRE, MILL DAM, SOUTH SHIELDS. .....J. H. KAVANAGH... In active preparation, and will be produced on Boxing Night, Dec. 26th, Mr. Siddal's 14th Grand Christmas Production, CINDERELLA...." Aberdeen Evening Express 1 Feb 1883 McFARLAND'S GRAND MUSIC HALL "Tonight.... Mr. J. H. KAVANAGH...." Aberdeen Evening Express 2 Feb 1883 "McFARLAND'S GRAND MUSIC HALL. BENEFIT OF MR. J.H.KAVANAGH. UNPRECEDENTED attractions! Conundrum, Comic Singing and Hornpipe Dancing Contests. Tonight Mr. KAVANAGH will give One of LIPTON'S finest HAMS for the Best Conundrum subject, "Lipton's Marker" & Handsome E.P. Tea and Coffee Service to the Best Amateur Comic Singer. A Beautiful Timepiece to the Best [..?...] Hornpipe in costume Dancer. Everybody entering [...?...] will receive a Sheet of Mr KAVANAGH'S Popular Songs. Splendid Programme by the Great MURPHYS and the Grand Company, in addition to the Exciting Amateur Competitions." Hastings and St. Leonards Observer 7 Jul 1883 review of "The Mohawk Minstrels" at the Hastings Theatre. "The recitation, "Shemus O'Brien," by Mr. John Kavanagh, was very powerfully declaimed, while the sudden light ending was given with equal spirit and effect." The Era 5 Jul 1884 Brighton Aquarium "Crowded and enthusiastic houses have welcomed the celebrated Mohawk Minstrels during the first of their three weeks' engagement here......the comic sketches - in which Messrs......and John Kavanagh have figured prominently - have been among the most successful items in the varied programmes. The Aquarium has seldom presented so crowded an appearance...."
The Era 8 Nov 1884 review of "The Mohawk Minstrels" at the Agricultural Hall, London. "Mr. John Kavanagh, Mr........and others contributed to the vocal selections...." The Era 3 Jan 1885 review of "The Mohawk Minstrels" at the Agricultural Hall, London "....was encored, as was the song "God protect England," by Mr. John Kavanagh, who rendered it with excellent effect." From 5-10 Jan 1885 he was appearing at the Britannia Theatre, Eastbourne, described as "champion Milanese piper". Islington Gazette 8 Apr 1885 review of "The Mohawk Minstrels": ..."Messrs. Gordon and Kavanagh proved themselves equal to comic opera"......"some strikingly pretty ballads, which were well sung by....Mr. John Kavanagh..."and the solo (Mr. John Kavanagh) and chorus of "The Armourer's Anvil" was also excellently given." The Era 11 Apr 1885 review of "The Mohawk Minstrels". "The Armourer's Anvil" may rank as the best ballad of the evening. It is effective for a bass voice.......It was well rendered by Mr. J. Kavanagh.........Mr. John Kavanagh did well also in the music assigned to Mephisto:" The Era 6 Jun 1885 review of "The Mohawk Minstrels" at the Elephant & Castle Theatre, South London. "Such songs as "The Armourer's Anvil", a descriptive lyric, given by Mr. John Kavanagh with excellent effect;....." Portsmouth Evening News 14 & 17 Jul 1885 THE AMPHITHEATRE, PORTSMOUTH "During this week....Grand engagement of J. H. KAVANAGH, Star Versatile Comic, and Champion Piper of the World......" The Era 13 Mar 1886 review of "The Mohawk Minstrels" at The Mohawks' Hall, Islington: "Sullivan's "Lost Chord" was well rendered by Mr. John Kavanagh, the assistance given by a chorus of half-a-dozen singers adding effect to the conclusion of the ballad." Dundee Courier 13 Apr 1886 DUNDEE MUSIC HALL "......Supported by J. H. KAVANAGH......" The Era 16 Oct 1886 PROVINCIAL THEATRICALS. BARNSLEY. SURREY PALACE OF VARIETIES "-The comany here includes Mr J. H. Kavanagh, "the Milanese piper", a really clever artist;...... The Era 5 Nov 1887 Classifieds: "WANTED, Variety Artists, for Wilson's Great Gift and Concert Company, Music Hall, Dunfermline. J.H. Kavanagh write. Address, lowest terms, Six Nights, present and furure dates." The Era 14 Apr 1888 Bolton: "QUEEN'S MUSIC HALL - J.H. Kavanagh, vocal comedian, proves a success. His mimicry is especially good."
The Era 26 Jan 1889 AMUSEMENTS IN NEWCASTLE-ON-TYNE: PEOPLE'S PALACE " ...and Mr. J. H. Kavanagh are also here." The Era 18 May 1889 PROVINCIAL THEATRICALS. BIRMINGHAM. DAY'S CONCERT HALL "....J. H. Kavanagh....are among the other artists....." The Era 29 Jun 1889 The Trocadero, London "...and Mr. J.H. Kavanagh and .....also entertain." The Era 10 Aug 1889 LONDON THEATRES: DEACON'S "Mimicry has been rather overdone of late years. It is, however, so much in favour with music hall audiences that we can quite understand Mr. J. H. Kavanagh following in the path of Willison, Medley, Holland, and others. He recalls with distinct faculty for imitation the differing styles of Messrs J. H. Milburn, George Macdermott, George Leybourne, Patrick Feeney, and Harry Sansom, and he is cordially cheered on his retirement." The Era 7 Sep 1889 AMUSEMENTS IN LEEDS: PRINCESS'S PALACE "....Mr. J. H. Kavanagh, comedian and mimic, is also a member of the company." The Era 12 Oct 1889 AMUSEMENTS IN SHEFFIELD: GRAND MUSIC HALL ".....Mr. J. H. Kavanagh's powers as a mimic are well known, ....." The Era 14 Oct 1899 AMUSEMENTS IN GREENOCK: ROYAL CIRCUS OF VARIETIES "...Mr. J. H. Kavanagh, comique......are also in the bill." Sunderland Daily Echo and Shipping Gazette 7 Jan 1890: ROYAL VARIETY THEATRE "Such names as that jovial humourist J. H. Kavanagh and....are in themselves enough to attract an audience. Each of these has new songs, which had their due meed of applause." Same paper and date: advertisement: THORNTON'S VARIETY THEATRE "J. H. KAVANAGH, Refined Comedian, Milanese Minstrel and Mimic." The Era 22 Feb 1890 AMUSEMENTS IN PLYMOUTH: PEOPLE'S PALACE "Others who contribute to an excellent entertainment are Mr. J. H. Kavanagh, comedian;..."
The Era 1 Mar 1890 [date of report] AMUSEMENTS IN PLYMOUTH: PEOPLE'S PALACE "A first-class programme includes....Mr. J. H. Kavanagh...." On 1st March 1890 he was appearing at the Middlesex Theatre, Drury Lane, in August 1890 at the Royal Standard Music Hall, Victoria (reported in The Era 23 Aug 1890 "...and some useful work is done by.....and J.H. Kavanagh in the way of varying the entertainment."), in September 1890 at the Marylebone Music Hall, and in October 1890 at the Middlesex Music hall, Drury Lane. The Era 30 Aug 1890 THE MARYLEBONE: "...additional talent, including...J. H. Kavanagh, comedian..." The Era 4 Oct 1890 THE LONDON MUSIC HALLS Collins's "Mr. J. H. Kavanagh, whose name is not announced on the programme, revives memories of the late Mr. George Leybourne and Mr. Patrick Feeney in his mimicry, likewise giving imitations of such diverse styles of comic singing as Mr. G.H. Macdermott's and Mr. Harry Sansom's....." The Era 8 Nov 1890 The Cambridge, London "The business of a couple of old darkies who wish to try their prowess in wrestling being prevented from doing so by their companions is cleverly worked up, the combination being a popular one........J. H. Kavanagh..." Lloyd's Weekly London Newspaper 9 Nov 1890 PUBLIC AMUSEMENTS: ROYAL CAMBRIDGE HALL OF VARIETIES "....J. H. Kavanagh...." [Dan Leno was topping the bill.] In 1891census he was lodging with his wife, Mary, at 32 St. Peter's Street, Mile End Old Town, next door to Wilton Friend, General Manager of the Paragon Theatre of Varieties, where John was presumably appearing. Described in census as aged 30, "vocalist". The Era 25 Jul 1891 PROVINCIAL THEATRICALS. BRADFORD: STAR MUSIC HALL ".....Mr. J. H. Kavanagh, an acceptible comic;......."
The Era 19 Sep 1891 AMUSEMENTS IN BRADFORD: CIRCUS OF VARIETIES "...and Mr. J. H. Kavanagh, "the world's mimic", is followed in his amusing efforts by...." The Era 26 Sep 1891 AMUSEMENTS IN BLACKBURN: LYCEUM THEATRE "Other artists contributing to a very good evening's entertainment are Mr. J. H. Kavanagh, the popular comedian,...." Belfast News-Letter 5 Oct 1891 reports him appearing at the Olympia, Belfast. The Era 24 Oct 1891 Music Hall Gossip "Mr. J.H. Kavanagh, the well-known comedian and mimic, is the latest to join the ranks of the agents." The Era 24 Oct 1891 advertisement:" MR. J. H. KAVANAH, the World's Mimic, Comedian, Vocalist &c. Another gigantic hit, BRITANNIA, GLASGOW. Full up this year . Address, Wren's Hotel, Briggate, Leeds. See Wanted Columns." The Era 5 Dec 1891 LONDON THEATRES: THE ROYAL ALBERT "Mr. J.H. Kavanagh makes a hit with his imitations of J. H. Milburn, G. H. Macdermott, Harry Sansom, Boatock, the late Geo. Leybourne, and other well-known artists." The Era 19 Dec 1891 REOPENING OF THE MIDDLESEX [This followed the refurbishment and enlargement of this major London venue. J. H. Kavanagh is included in a lengthy bill that also includes Harry Champion and George Robey.] The Era 5 Mar 1892 AMUSEMENTS IN GREAT GRIMSBY: THEATRE ROYAL "...Mr. J. H. Kavanagh's efforts as a mimic have been appreciated......."
The Era 12 Mar 1892 AMUSEMENTS IN GREAT GRIMSBY: ROYAL "Mr J H. Kavanagh's efforts as a mimic of leading music hall stars have again been highly appreciated." The Era 7 May 1892 AMUSEMENTS IN HULL: EMPIRE "Mr. J. H. Kavanagh, vocal comedian and Milanese piper, scores well here;...." Nottingham Evening Post 24, 25, 26 & 28 May 1892 "Mr. J. H. Kavanagh, the Mimic" advertised at the Palace Theatre, Nottingham. The Era 28 May 1892 AMUSEMENTS IN NOTTINGHAM: PALACE "During the week Mr. J. H. Kavanagh has been greeted with loud laughter and applause for his excellent comic singing,....." The Era 4 Jun 1892 AMUSEMENTS IN NOTTINGHAM: PALACE "Mr. J. H. Kavanagh's humorous singing merits and meets hearty approval;..."
The Era 25 Jun 1892 THE MARYLEBONE: "Versatile, too, is Mr. J. H. Kavanagh, comedian, mimic, and piper, who cheered the departing audience with selections on the Swiss pipe;..." The Era 20 Aug 1892 AMUSEMENTS IN BRADFORD: STAR MUSIC HALL "...Mr. J. H. Kavanagh's comic efforts and mimicry are good...." Huddersfield Chronicle 20 Sep 1892 ROWLEY'S THEATRE OF VARIETIES "An excellent company is completed by...Mr. J. H. Kavanagh, and...." The Era 8 Oct 1892 AMUSEMENTS IN HANLEY: EMPIRE THEATRE OF VARIETIES "...Mr. J. H. Kavanagh, mimic, also does a welcome turn;...." Appeared as "Comedian and Mimic" at Argyle Theatre of Varieties, Birkenhead for one week from Monday 10 Oct 1892. The Era 15 Oct 1892 AMUSEMENTS IN BIRKENHEAD: ARGYLE THEATRE OF VARIETIES "...and Mr. J. H. Kavanagh, an excellent mimic;......" The Era 14 Jan 1893 AMUSEMENTS IN OLDHAM: PEOPLE'S PALACE OF VARIETIES "-Mr. J. H. Kavanagh, comedian, mimic, and Tyrolean piper;....." Gloucester Citizen 28 Mar 1893 review of performance at the Royal Albert Hall: "Mr. John Kavanagh soon proved himself a very popular comedian and vocalist, his comic imitations of past and present comedians being exceedingly good, whilst one of his songs, "I tickled, she tickled", convulsed the whole house." Music Hall and Theatre Review 31 Mar 1893: "GLOUCESTER- ROYAL ALBERT THEATRE OF VARIETIES. ...John Kavanagh, comedian..." The Era 1 Apr 1893. Gloucester: Royal Albert Theatre of Varieties: "Mr. John Kavanagh's songs and mimicry are well received." The Era 27 May 1893 AMUSEMENTS IN NEWCASTLE-ON-TYNE: PEOPLE'S PALACE ".....J. H. Kavanagh, comedian, vocalist and mimic;...." Coventry Evening Telegraph 26 Sep 1893 "Almost an entire change of programme will be found at Thomas's Empire Theatre of Varieties this week.............and in Mr. J. H. Kavanagh is seen a comedian with considerable mimetic power. He "takes off" several music hall stars past and present admirably, and if he should ever include Fonda in his repertoire his peculiar "Ha! Ha!" will not be omitted, nor his action, for he is like the man who "really can't keep still". He made a "hit" at once when he appeared to do the last "turn", and it was not "accidently got", for he deserved the repeated recalls." [Fonda, "a young man comparitively new to the boards", was on the same bill.]
The Era 14 Oct 1893 AMUSEMENTS IN BRISTOL: STAR VARIETIES "...The following artists took part in the entertainment, which was much appreciated:- J. H. Kavanagh,......" Gloucester Citizen 24 Oct 1893 ALHAMBRA MUSIC HALL, WESTGATE "....and J. H. KAVANAGH, Comedian and Mimic." 26 Oct 1893 same advertisement but "....and J. H. Kavanagh. Friday next, Benefit of J. H. Kavanagh." 28 Oct same advertisement but "TO-NIGHT (Friday), Benefit of J. H. Kavanagh. ENORMOUS ATTRACTIONS." Leeds Times 4 Nov 1893 PRINCESS PALACE "...Mr. J. H. Kavanagh is capital as the Milanese piper....." The Era 25 Nov 1893 AMUSEMENTS IN MANCHESTER: GRAND VARIETY THEATRE "...and Mr. J. H. Kavanagh, Milanese piper and mimic, does a capital turn." The Era 27 Oct 1894 AMUSEMENTS IN MANCHESTER: GRAND THEATRE OF VARIETIES "....Mr. J. H. Kavanagh, mimic;...." The Era 15 Dec 1894 AMUSEMENTS IN BELFAST. STAR PALACE "......J. H. Kavanagh....." The Era 9 Feb 1895 AMUSEMENTS IN BLACKBURN: LYCEUM THEATRE "....and J. H. Kavanagh is a capital mimic." Burnley Express 20 Feb 1895 EMPIRE THEATRE OF VARIETIES " J.H. KAVANAGH, The World's Mimic" The Era 23 Feb 1895 AMUSEMENTS IN BURNLEY: EMPIRE THEATRE "....Mr. J. H. Kavanagh, the world's mimic, imitated various artists with great success;....." The Era 2 Mar 1895 AMUSEMENTS IN LEEDS: PRINCESS'S PALACE "...J. H. Kavanagh,.....all contribute to the vocal part of the programme...."
Derby Evening Telegraph 26 & 27 Mar 1895 THE EMPIRE! TONIGHT, AND DURING THE WEEK,........The World's Mimic, J. H. KAVANAGH, and strong Variety Company." The Era 27 Apr 1895 PROVINCIAL THEATRICALS. CHESTERFIELD. GRAND CIRCUS OF VARIETIES "Appearing here are J. H. Kavanagh, a capital mimic;......" The Era 17 Aug 1895 AMUSEMENTS IN DUBLIN: HIBERNIAN THEATRE OF VARIETIES "The following artists are appearing nightly:- ....and Mr. J. H. Kavanagh." The Era 23 Nov 1895 AMUSEMENTS IN GLASGOW: PEOPLE'S PALACE "...Mr. J. H. Kavanagh is a popular comic vocalist,....." Motherwell Times, Strathclyde 17 Jan 1896 "In the Town Hall....SATURDAY EVENING CONCERTS....Saturday 18th January...Mr. J. H. KAVANAGH..." The Era 8 Feb 1896 AMUSEMENTS IN SOUTH SHIELDS: THORNTON'S THEATRE OF VARIETIES "J. H. Kavanagh, favourite laughing comedian; and....contribute to the pleasure of the entertainment." The Era 5 Sep 1896 AMUSEMENTS IN OLDHAM: GAIETY THEATRE OF VARIETIES "Mr. J. H. Kavanagh, comedian and vocalist, has been retained for another week." The Era 19 Sep 1896 ROYAL ALBERT, CANNING TOIWN "The next name on the list is that of J. H. Kavanagh, comedian and mimic, but in his place appears...." Belfast News-Letter 12, 13, 15, 16, 20, 21Oct 1896: appearing at Alhambra Theatre of Varieties, North Street, Belfast. The Era 24 Oct 1896 AMUSEMENTS IN BELFAST: ALHAMBRA THEATRE OF VARIETIES: "J. H. Kavanagh with comic effusions finds much favour..." The Era 2 Jan 1897 AMUSEMENTS IN NEWCASTLE-ON-TYNE: EMPIRE VARIETY THEATRE "....Appearing also are......J. H. Kavanagh, comedian...." The Era 6 Mar 1897 AMUSEMENTS IN BIRMINGHAM: EMPIRE (LIMITED) ".....and excellent turns are contributed by......and J. H. Kavanagh." The Era 27 Mar 1897 AMUSEMENTS IN LEICESTER: NEW EMPIRE PALACE OF VARIETIES "Amongst those who contribute excellent turns here this week are....Mr. J. H. Kavanagh..."
The Era 8 May 1897 AMUSEMENTS IN BRISTOL: TIVOLI " J. H. Kavanagh, comedian and mimic". The Era 22 May 1897 "ROYAL ALBERT - CANNING TOWN.......Mr. J.H. Kavanagh's place in the programme on the evening of our visit was filled by Mr. D.W. Watson, a one-armed cornet player....." The Era 7 Aug 1897 AMUSEMENTS IN NORWICH: ANGEL GARDENS "-Mr. J. H. Kavanagh is received with enthusiasm..." The Era 16 Oct 1897 PROVINCIAL THEATRICALS: EMPIRE THEATRE "Entertaining here are.......and Mr. J. H. Kavanagh." The Era 1 & 8 Jan 1898 AMUSEMENTS IN GLASGOW: EMPIRE PALACE THEATRE "...J. H. Kavanagh.... complete an excellent list of holiday attractions." Hull Daily Mail 31 Jan & 3 Feb 1898 NEW PALACE THEATRE, ANLABY-ROAD, HULL "....J. H. KAVANAGH, Comedian...." The Era 12 Feb 1898 AMUSEMENTS IN SHEFFIELD: EMPIRE PALACE (LIMITED) "Appearing here are the following clever artists:- J. H. Kavanagh, mimetic vocal comedian;...." The Era 12 Mar 1898 AMUSEMENTS IN BIRMINGHAM: EMPIRE, LIMITED "...and J. H. Kavanagh all contribute good turns." Belfast News-Letter 28 March, 4, 5, 6, 8 & 9 Apr 1898: appearing at Belfast Empire Theatre of Varieties, Victoria Square, Belfast "J. H. Kavanagh, the Laughing Comique" The Era 2 Jul 1898 AMUSEMENTS IN GREAT GRIMSBY: ALEXANDER THEATRE, CLEETHORPES "Others engaged are Miss Nellie Ward [WHO JOHN HENRY KAVANAGH HAD MARRIED IN MARCH], ballad vocalist; Mr. J. H. Kavanagh, comedian;....." The Era 9 Jul 1898 AMUSEMENTS IN HANLEY: EMPIRE PALACE "...and Mr. J. H. Kavanagh, comique, who makes many friends." The Era 28 Jul 1898 AMUSEMENTS IN OLDHAM: GAIETY THEATRE OF VARIETIES "A "new bill" consists of........Mr. J. H. Kavanagh, comedian and vocalist;....." The Era 13 Aug 1898 AMUSEMENTS IN GREAT GRIMSBY: THEATRE ROYAL "....Mr. J. H. Kavanagh is a favourite here...." The Era 3 Dec 1898 AMUSEMENTS IN GLASGOW: BRITANNIA MUSIC HALL "...J. H. Kavanagh,.....are enhancing their reputations." The Era 4 Feb 1899 AMUSEMENTS IN HANLEY: GRAND THEATRE OF VARIETIES "....include the following artists... Mr. J. H. Kavanagh...." The Era 17 Jun 1899 AMUSEMENTS IN LIVERPOOL: ROSCOMMON "....Mr. J. H. Kavanagh, comic singer;....." [NB. ALSO ON THE BILL WAS MISS NELLIE WARD, IRISH BALLAD VOCALIST, WHO JOHN HENRY KAVANAGH HAD MARRIED IN MARCH 1898. HER SON WOULD HAVE BEEN AGED 5 MONTHS AT THE TIME.] The Era 12 Aug 1899 AMUSEMENTS IN LEICESTER: TIVOLI "...and other turns are given by Mr. J. H. Kavanagh, comique;....." The Era 9 Sep 1899 AMUSEMENTS IN GLASGOW: SCOTTISH ZOO "The circus and water pantomime continue to attract large crowds, and the special turns this week include....J. H. Kavanagh, comic minstrel;.....An otter, captured in the Clyde on Sunday last, is the latest addition to the live stock in the Zoo." Motherwell Times 6 Oct 1899 "SATURDAY EVENING CONCERTS. Artistes for Saturday First -.......J. H. Kavanagh, The Great Comedian....."
Belfast News-Letter 26, 27, 28 & 29 Dec 1899: appearing at Empire Theatre, Belfast, J. H. Kavanagh, comedian. The Era 27 Jan 1900 AMUSEMENTS IN BIRMINGHAM: GAIETY THEATRE OF VARIETIES "....and J. H. Kavanagh, comedian, is also successful." The Era 10 Feb 1900 AMUSEMENTS IN NOTTINGHAM: GAIETY "Others who contribute to the programme are........and Mr. J. H. Kavanagh." The Era 19 May 1900 PROVINCIAL THEATRICALS: MIDDLESBROUGH OXFORD: "J. H. Kavanagh, a tried and valued favourite, has lost none of his ability;...." The Era 26 May 1900 AMUSEMENTS IN GLASGOW: BRITANNIA "...., J. H. Kavanagh....also contribute capital turns." The Era 25 Aug 1900 THE SOUTH LONDON "Mr. J. H. Kavanagh gave a descriptive song;...." Western Daily Press10, 11, 12, 14 & 15 Sep 1900 PEOPLE'S PALACE, BALDWIN STREET [Bristol] "...J. H. KAVANAGH, The Laughing Comedian,...." The Era 15 Dec 1900 AMUSEMENTS IN BRADFORD: EMPIRE "....J. H. Kavanagh, vocal comedian, and..... keep the house in a merry mood;..." Dundee Courier ad. 7 Jan 1901 EMPIRE THEATRE, ROSEBANK "...J. H. KAVANAGH, and Star Company." Dundee Courier 8 Jan 1901 EMPIRE THEATRE OF VARIETIES "J. H. Kavanagh sings well, and was perhaps seen at his best in the song entitled "I Tickled"....." Evening Telegraph, Dundee 7 & 8 Jan 1901 EMPIRE THEATRE, ROSEBANK, EVERY EVENING "....J. H. Kavanagh....and Star Company." In 1901 he his wife, Ellen, and son John W., were lodging at 17 Moss St., Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland. He and Ellen are each described as "vocalist, music hall". The Evening Post [Dundee] 29 Dec 1902 EMPIRE THEATRE "....J. H. KAVANAGH, Star Comedian......." Dundee Courier 29 Dec 1902 EMPIRE THEATRE "...J.H. KAVANAGH, Star Comedian..." Evening Telegraph [Dundee] 30 & 31 Dec 1902 EMPIRE THEATRE "....J. H. KAVANAGH. Star Comedian...." Shields Daily Gazette ad. 6, 8, 9, 10, 12 & 13 Feb 1904 THE TIVOLI "....J. H. KAVANAGH..." Shields Daily Gazette 10 Feb 1904 "Patrons of the Tivoli, Laygate Lane, have another good variety programme presented this week.........and J. H. Kavanagh as a vocalist and mimic was very popular." Shields Daily Gazette 29 Sep 1904 CHANNEL FLEET'S VISIT. ENTERTAINING THE SAILORS. "The Military Band met the men at the Empire...and conducted them to their respective halls for tea. At each place Mr. L. Winstone had arranged a musical programme which included Mr. J. H. Kavanagh,..... from the Tivoli Music Hall..." Manchester Courier and Lancashire General Advertiser 21, 22 & 24 Feb 1905 TIVOLI THEATRE. EVERY EVENING "....J. H. Kavanagh,...." Derby Daily Telegraph 28 Mar 1905 "THE EMPIRE! ....The World's Mimic, J. H. KAVANAGH, and strong Variety Company." The Era 9 Nov 1907 "Many of our older readers will remember J. H. Kavanagh - in his most successful days better known perhaps in the provinces than in London - and will regret to hear of his death, which occurred on Friday, the 1st inst. He was buried on Monday, the funeral arangements being carried out by a very old friend of his, Mr. John O'Toole. The widow, who is known on the stage as Miss Nellie Ward, is left with two children, aged eight and four years respectively, and in straitened circumstances."

A cd of his song "I Was There", recorded by Allan and Pete Kirtley, is held in the archives of the British Music Hall Society and Allan Kirtley played and sang it on BBC Radio 4. His death cert. shows his age as 47.

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