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Henry Methold + Dorothea Eden

7 children
Francis Methold
Birth: before June 3, 1791 30 23Beamish, Co. Durham
Death: June 8, 1809Durham City, Co. Durham
Dorothea Methold
Birth: before May 23, 1792 31 24Beamish Hall, Co. Durham
Death: 1856Ramsgate, Kent
John Methold (Eden)
Birth: before June 9, 1794 33 26Beamish, Co. Durham
Death: April 4, 1885Wilton Crescent, London, Middx.
Charles Methold
Birth: September 14, 1794 33 26Beamish Hall, Co. Durham
Death: September 1812County Durham
Mariann Methold
Birth: July 21, 1798 37 30Burn Hall, Durham, Co. Durham
Death: January 1811County Durham

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Marriage June 22, 1790
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Licence dated 9 Jun 179. Henry Methold, Esq., of Bath, co. Somerset, Bachr, above 21, & Dorothy Eden, of Windlestone, co Durham, Spr, above 21, dau. of Sir John Eden, Bart. Special Licence. Both of this parish, by licence. Witnesses John Eden, Dorothea Eden.