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William Blackett + Barbara Robinson

8 children
Margaret Blackett
Birth: before December 25, 1825 24 20New Elvet, Co. Durham
Death: August 23, 1908Percy Main, Nthmd.
John Henry Blackett
Birth: before November 8, 1848 47 43New Elvet, Co. Durham
Death: 1922Parramatta district, New South Wales, Australia

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Marriage December 25, 1824
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William Blackett, of St. Oswald married Barbara Robinson of this parish. Witnesses: Cuthbert Blackett, George Robinson, Margaret Blackett. Bond dated 11 Dec 1824 William Blackett of Durham St. Oswald, farmer, widower for marriage to Barbara Robinson of Durham St. Margaret, spinster, age 20, with consent of George Robinson (father) of Durham, St. Margaret.