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George Fenwick + Frances Alice Surtees

10 children
Charles Fenwick
Birth: before February 25, 1845 33 23Benwell, Nthmd.
Death: 1845Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Nthmd.
Arthur Fenwick
Birth: before October 9, 1849 38 28Benwell, Nthmd.
Death: 1917Castle Ward district, Nthmd.
Francis Fenwick
Birth: before January 23, 1853 41 31Gosforth, Nthmd.
Death: 1880Hartlepool district, Co. Durham

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Marriage November 7, 1839
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George Fenwick (bachelor, banker), age 28, of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, son of Robert Fenwick (esquire), married Frances Alice Surtees (spinster), age 18, of Hamsterley Hall, daughter of Anthony Surtees (esquire).