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Charles (Rev.) Carr + Elizabeth Mary Surtees

5 children
Ethel Maud Carr
Birth: before January 3, 1858 44 38Whitworth, Co. Durham
Death: 1934Kensington district, London
Walter Charles (Rev.) Carr
Birth: November 19, 1863 50 44Whitworth, Co. Durham
Death: July 14, 1910Chillingham, Nthmd.

Parents Grandparents
John Carr
Birth: September 21, 1764Dunston Hill, Whickham, Co. Durham
Death: January 12, 1817Dunston Hill, Whickham, Co. Durham
Hannah Ellison
Birth: December 25, 1780St. John, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Nthmd.
Death: February 1, 1846Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland

Family group information
Marriage November 26, 1839
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Charles Carr (bachelor, clerk), full age, of Newburn, Northumberland, son of John Carr (esquire), married Elizabeth Mary Surtees, age minor, of Hamsterley Hall, daughter of Anthony Surtees (esquire).