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Edward Ridsdale + Anne Blackett

9 children
Edward Ridsdale
Birth: before August 2, 1710 27 21Ripon, Yorks.
Death: May 20, 1776Ripon, Yorks.
Christopher Ridsdale
Birth: before June 15, 1719 36 30Ripon, Yorks.
Death: March 1787Covent Garden, London, Middx.
Blackett Ridsdale
Birth: before October 9, 1720 37 31Ripon, Yorks.
Death: November 1720Ripon, Yorks.

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Marriage March 5, 1709
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1698-1709 (exact date unknown) John Sharp, Archbishop of York, referred in a letter to a "secret marriage [i.e. elopement] of Sir Edward Blackett's daughter.". At marriage Edward Risdale[sic], gentleman and Mrs Anne Blackett of Newby.