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Rowland Tempest + Anne Radcliffe

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Marriage 1506

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Marriage sett: signed 10 Dec 1506 Common Ro., Michaelmas, 2 Henry VIII, m.627. Sealed 17 Dec 1506. Anne, wife of Roland Tempest was given letters of fraternity by the Prior and Convent of Durham 6 March 1508-9 (Surtees Soc: vol. 31, p.116). See note in entry for Sir Rowland Tempest. The Northern Genealogist 1895 shows Ro[w]land Tempest covenanting on 17 Dec 1506 to marry Anne Radcliffe and states that in 1510, the marriage having taken place, Roland sued Anne's father, Sir Edward Radcliffe, for the money promised on the marriage.