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Anthony Todd + Isabel Dent

5 children
Anthony Todd
Birth: before March 13, 1711 31 28Frosterley, Co. Durham
Death: July 1775White Kirkley House, Wolsingham, Co. Durham
Thomas Todd
Birth: before February 26, 1713 33 30Frosterley, Co. Durham
Death: November 1765Wolsingham, Co. Durham
Margaret (Mary) Todd
Birth: before August 17, 1714 34 31Wolsingham, Co. Durham
Death: before January 28, 1804East Biggins, Wolsingham, Co. Durham
John Todd
Birth: before November 24, 1715 35 33Bridge End, Frosterley, Co. Durham
Death: April 1778Coves House, Wolsingham, Co. Durham

Parents Grandparents

Talbot Dent
Birth: before October 14, 1638Middleton-in-Teesdale, Co. Durham
Death: January 1723Middleton-in-Teesdale, Co. Durham
Family group information
Marriage July 1, 1709
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"Anthony Todd and Isabel Dent, both serv[ants] in y[e] College in Durham." Licence dated 1 Jul 1709, Anthony Todd (gentleman), of The College, Durham City, Isabell [sic] Dent. Surety: John Clark, gentleman, of The College.