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Charles Blackett (Rev.) Carr + Christiana Alicia Carr

5 children
Evelyn Frances Carr
Birth: June 2, 1887 28 26Berwick-upon-Tweed, Nthmd
Death: April 22, 1961Wokingham, Berks.
Oswald Blackett Carr
Birth: April 21, 1889 30 28Berwick-upon-Tweed, Nthmd
Death: October 10, 1903Long Framlington, Nthmd.
Monica Mary Carr
Birth: January 10, 1891 32 29Morpeth, Nthmd.
Death: July 7, 1961Reading, Berks.
Brenda Elizabeth Carr
Birth: August 17, 1895 36 34Long Framlington, Nthmd.
Death: September 29, 1912Longframlington, Nthmd
Christiana Ruth Carr

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