Main Blackett Tree

Christiana 1384

Given names
Birth of a son
William Blakheved

Birth of a son
John (Blaket) Blakheved

Death of a husbandRichard Blakheved
Death of a sonWilliam Blakheved
before 1384

Death before December 5, 1384

Inquisition p.m. taken 5 Dec 1384 at Durham. "That Christiana Blakehevede held the Manor of Wodecroft, with the appurtenances, to herself and her heirs, etc, of the said Lord Bishop [of Durham], and his successors, by service of 13s 4d yearly, and for suit to the county court of Durham three times per year for all other services, And it is worth yearly, beyond the aforesaid services, 6s 8d. Also she held, etc, as above [i.e. of the Bishop] one messuage and one acre of land, and 20 pennylands* of rents, with the appurtenances, in Stanhop(e), by the service of 3d yearly for all services. And it is worth yearly, beyond the aforesaid services, 20d." "And John Blakheved(e) [sic] is the son and nearest heir of the aforesaid Richard Blakheved(e) [sic] and Christiana, And he is aged 24 years."

*A "pennyland" was a portion or measure of land valued at a penny a year. It may have been a token payment or valuation, much less than the real worth of the land. It was later known as a denariate.